4.8.6 Installer not giving an option to upgrade identity apps


We are tying to upgrade UserApp to 4.8.6

Currently at 4.8.0

edir 9.2.7

engine 4.8.6

RHEL 8.7

This upgrade has failed twice.  The first time it completed but we couldn't get it to run.  We tried adding  That didn't help and we rolled back. 

The second time, the upgrade stuck at OSP and did not proceed.  We waited overnight then gave up and did the role back again.

We are ready to try again, but the installer only gives us an option to upgrade the engine, which is on a different server and is already upgraded to 4.8.6.

Is there a file(s) that the installer checks to see what is installed and what version?  I suspect that something did not get overwritten during our rollback and it thinks we are at 4.8.6.  I need to fix it, but don't know where to look.  Can anyone help?

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    With just apps you could try to simply uninstall and install again while you secure the database backup. If that's impossible due to messed up files then I would follow the scripts line by line to find out on which check does it fail. This could be lots of low level work, but could give also an easy fix depending on the actual problem.

    Have you sorted that out?