Form Builder's "Dynamic Entity" "Display Expression"


I'm trying to simply display the selected user data in a certain format (using a Dynamic Entity Component).

Specifically, I want it to display as (CN="tuser1", FirstName="Test1", LastName="User1"):

"tuser1: User1, Test1"

I'm able to lookup the users fine, I can select one of the users fine, and it will display the attribute values that I add to the list of display expression attributes by default. 

But, I can't figure out how to add the 'colon', 'comma' and 'space' between the display attributes.

For example:

1. This Configuration in Form Builder:

[BLAH] Displays:


2. This Configuration in Form Builder:

[BAD] Displays:

3. This Configuration in the legacy PRD Flow:

[PERFECT] Displays:

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or could do right instead?





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    Hi Robert,

    AFAIK there is no proper solution available for adding the 'colon', 'comma', 'space' or anything between the display attributes, when you are using the build-in Dynamic Entity.

    You need to use Select and build your own queries in order to add anything between the values.

    An idea that came to my mind as a workaround (if you really must use Dynamic Entity) you could try adding DAL calculated attribute to your entity, and for the expression just add your preferred separator, comma etc. 

    Like below, and note that calculated attribute must contain also some attribute in order to be deployed, so use attribute that has no values, or it might also work if users have no read rights to the selected attribute in eDirectory ACLs