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Performance boost to User Application

sebastiantidare sebastiantidare
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I've been struggling with load times in User Application. When browsing users in users catalog page, results will load in 2-10 seconds. When browsing roles, the search result is not only very inaccurate but also slow from time to time. When assigning a role to a user, a wildcard search brings a user list in 2 seconds, but being specific and typing a user makes one result take 5 seconds to load. Thats 5 seconds to bring me one catalog object, two attributes. 

This is normal according to support and according to the amount of data we have. We have < 50,000 user objects. < 10,000 roles in the system. The REST APIs which the User Application relies on must be IMPROVED. 

If I create a PRD with a DN picker and some fields to show attributes. My PRD feels like "live" and responds within half a second EVERY TIME i make a search. How can the old PRD system beat the new fancy REST API ?