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Support Microsoft Graph API - Sending mails (SMTP alternative)

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Support Microsoft Graph API - Sending mails (SMTP alternative)


Customers in the process of deprecating our on-premises SMTP server in Favour of cloud services like Office 365 (Exchange Online). 

Microsoft services utilize programable modern protocols for authentication when sending email e.g. Microsoft Graph + OAuth.

Adoption of Graph API iminante.


Require support for Microsoft Graph API to send email notifications from our IAM solution stack.

  • IDM
  • IDM Reporting
  • Access Manager 
  • Identity Governance
  • PAM 
  • Advanced Authentication 
  • Sentinel 
  • etc etc 


To try and make your life easier I have posted a link to a YouTube video detailing how Microsoft Graph API works.

Link to Graph API documentation:

MS graph Overview:



    Noted. Thank you for this suggestion and will bring it to the team's attention.
    Any additional functionality that could be leveraged from this API for email integration or should it just cover the current AAF email use cases?