Reloading Driver Store after a Move



The iPrint Driver Store and Manager would not start on a SLES9 OES server. The error told me to check the /var/opt/novell/log/iprint/idsd.log file.

We moved the Driver Store and Manager using ConsoleOne from Container A to Container B. Not surprisingly, they did not reload. We deleted the objects several times, but the Driver Store would never load. The idsd.log file stated the Driver Store was still trying to access eDirectory using the old Container A.


Here's what we did to solve the problem:

1. Delete the Driver Store and Manager.

2. Back up /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/idsd.conf and ipsmd.conf.

3. Echo'd "" > to these files to clear them.

4. Restarted idsd and ipsmd.

5. Recreated the Driver Store and Manager.

Issue resolved. Thought you might like to know, in case some knucklehead like me tries to move Driver Stores and Managers.

Note: This solution was tested in an environment with Linux SLES9, OES SP2.


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