Comparing Identity Manager to Microsoft MIIS



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I need to know be able to effectively compare Novell IDM to Microsoft MIIS. My company wants to move to MIIS, and I want to prevent that."

And here's the response from Johan Akerstrom ...


Here are few quick notes for you ...

  • IDM has support for more drivers.

  • IDM has built in support for manual workflows (UserApp).

  • IDM has built in support for Flexible strong passwords.

  • IDM has GINA/Web-based Password Reset Management.

  • IDM uses a graphical designer for building business rules but can call external Java/ECMAScript code if necessary (it won't need to often).

  • IDM has support for Role based entitlements.

  • IDM has auditing built in.

  • IDM is event-based.

  • MIIS rules needs to be coded in C# or VB.NET, except for very basic mappings. More or less, everything needs to be coded in MIIS.

  • MIIS has no gina password reset management.

  • MIIS is state-based.

  • MIIS Management Agents (equivalent of IDM Connectors) need to be scheduled for export, import and synchronization runs.

  • MIIS has no concept of roles or entitlements.

  • MIIS has no built-in auditing.

  • MIIS code can be debugged easily with Visual Studio.

  • MIIS is cheaper (there just might be a reason for that, though).



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