All Kinds of IDM 4 Training--Direct from Novell

What you may or may not have noticed since the Attachmate acquisition is that Novell Training is offering more training opportunities direct to the customer. The Attachmate Group, which we're very glad to be a part of, has a philosophy that values working directly with customers as much as possible. That's why you see the following IDM 4 courses on our current public schedule.

There are three online classes available over the next 5 weeks for Identity Manager 4 customers. No matter what level of experience you have with IDM 4 we have a course that's right for you. These classes have the same hands-on labs that you would expect in a live classroom.

The first class on the schedule is the Novell Identity Manager 4: Administration course (3109). This one is designed for those who need to learn IDM 4 from the ground up. It introduces you to the architecture of Identity Manager and then goes through the most common administration tasks to help you keep your IDM 4 implementation running.

  • Course 3109 will be presented online from June 14-17 for $2450, or you can get in for (7) training credits. If you'd like to register for this class, go here

The second class we're offering is for experienced IDM 3 administrators. It's the Novell Identity Manager 4: Upgrade and Migration course (8208). The title makes it pretty clear what the course is about.

  • Course 8208 is a 1-day online class scheduled for June 20th. The cost is $700, or (2) training credits. To register for this class, go to

The third class is the Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition: Customization and Roles course (3110). This course is designed for experienced administrators who have upgraded to IDM 4 Advanced Edition and covers the extended functionality available with this version of the product. Course 3109, or equivalent experience, is truly prerequisite knowledge if you want to get the most out of this class.

  • Course 3110 will be online July 12-15. The cost is $2450, or (7) training credits. To read more about this class and register for a seat, go to

I hope you don't mind if I close with a reminder about the Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator certification. This certification is designed to prove that you can not only keep your IDM 4 implementation running, but you can also make changes that are needed as you enterprise changes. Courses 3109 and 3110 are the basis for the exam. Go here for more information

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