iManager 2.7 and Apache in 64-bit Linux environment without mod_jk

As you may have noticed (that's why you are here) mod_jk is no longer available to modern Linux RHEL / CentOS / SUSE platforms. The official recommendation is to use AJP protocol to communicate between Tomcat and Apache instances and that's why AJP proxy module is available in most Linux distributions today. AJP stands for Apache JServ Protocol and it is used as a persistent, packet oriented connection between the Tomcat and Apache instances.

This short guide will show how to make iManager work with Apache using AJP protocol.

First you need to fulfill certain prequisites:

  • All iManager prequisites, read the documentation

  • Working Apache installation with SSL

    • Apache SSL installation in CentOS / RHEL:
      yum install httpd mod_ssl

  • Apache SSL installation in SUSE:
    zypper in apache2 apache2-prefork

And then to the integration itself. Do the following steps:

  • Install iManager with silent option. Feel free to try it standard way but it seems CentOS and possibly RHEL installation will only succeed with the silent option.
    ./iManagerInstallLinux.bin -i silent

  • Novell programmers have been kind enough to preconfigure us an AJP port but let's make sure it is there. Open file /etc/opt/novell/tomcat5/server.xml with your favourite file viewer
    less /etc/opt/novell/tomcat5/server.xml

    and ensure that the following lines are present and not commented out
    <Connector port="9009" 
    enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" protocol="AJP/1.3" />

  • Add the connector configuration to Apache. Create a file to httpd configuration directory

    • in CentOS / RHEL /etc/httpd/conf.d/nps-Apache-ajp13.conf

  • in SUSE: /etc/apache2/conf.d/nps-Apache-ajp13.conf

and use following content (please note the SUSE lines in the content)
#in Suse uncomment the following
#LoadModule proxy_ajp_module /usr/lib64/apache2-prefork/

ProxyPass /nps ajp://localhost:9009/nps
ProxyPassReverse /nps ajp://localhost:9009/nps

<Location "/nps>
Options FollowSymLinks

<Location "/nps">
Options MultiViews FollowSymLinks
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

<Location "/nps/WEB-INF/">
deny from all

<Location "/nps/META-INF/">
deny from all

  • Check and use

    • in CentOS / RHEL
      service httpd configtest
      service httpd start

  • in SUSE
    service apache2 configtest
    service apache2 start

  • in both
    service novell-tomcat5 start

  • Make services start by default
    chkconfig novell-tomcat5 on

    • in CentOS / RHEL
      chkconfig httpd on

  • in SUSE
    chkconfig apache2 on



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