Product Release Announcement: NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.6


This product announcement may be of interest to Identity Manager customers, especially those who have been waiting for multi-factor authentication in LDAP Proxy.

 We are pleased to announce a new release of NetIQ LDAP Proxy. LDAP Proxy is a lightweight proxy server that combines switching/routing capabilities with fine-grained access control, security, and analytics.

NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.6 includes the following key capabilities:

  • Advanced Authentication integration: This release provides enhanced security through integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication. You can now use multi-factor authentication to move beyond usernames and passwords when connecting to directories via LDAP Proxy.
  • Currency updates: This release provides bug fixes, security updates and OS support updates, including support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.x.

Please see the NetIQ LDAP Proxy documentation for a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes:

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