Deprecation and migration plan for NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for Office 365


Micro Focus is deprecating the Office 365 driver for NetIQ Identity Manager. This driver has been superseded by the Azure AD driver, which is available at no extra cost to all Office 365 driver customers.

Why are we making this change?

The Office 365 driver was developed at a time when Microsoft did not offer a comprehensive set of APIs to access Office 365. As the Azure platform evolved, Microsoft updated its API set to provide efficient and secure access to the platform. In response, Micro Focus developed the Azure AD driver: a faster, more scalable, and more secure driver that supports both Azure AD and Office 365.

We have continued to support the older Office 365 driver to allow customers sufficient time for migration to the new Azure AD driver. However, Microsoft has announced that they are deprecating some of the underlying technology, which will make the driver non-functional in some scenarios.

As a result, we are urging all Office 365 driver customers to migrate to the new Azure AD driver as soon as possible.

What are the key benefits of the Azure AD driver?

The Azure AD driver provides all the capabilities of the Office 365 driver, with the following additional benefits:

  • Delivers better performance, scalability, and security compared to the Office 365 driver
  • Simplifies management by supporting both Azure AD and Office 365 in one driver
  • Supports a hybrid deployment model with co-existence of AAD Connect
  • Leverages continued improvements available on the Microsoft Azure platform

How do customers migrate to the Azure AD driver?

The Azure AD driver is part of the NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for Microsoft Enterprise (formerly known as the NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for SharePoint and Office 365). Office 365 driver customers are entitled to this Integration Module and the Azure AD driver at no extra cost. To obtain your copy, please visit the Customer Portal or contact Micro Focus Support. 

The NetIQ Identity Manager documentation provides detailed migration directions under the section, Transitioning from Existing Office 365 Driver to New Azure AD Driver. Additional details are available in the Micro Focus Community article, Simplified guide to understand new features implemented in Office 365 and Azure AD 5.0 Driver.

If you have any questions about this announcement or need assistance with the migration, please contact Customer Support or your Micro Focus account representative. 


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