Additional IGA-related sessions at Micro Focus Universe


If you haven't done so already, please visit the Micro Focus Universe 2021 website to register to attend our virtual conference on March 23rd and 24th.

In addition to the main IAM sessions, there will be a number of pre-recorded, 20-minute presentations and demos. You won't see these in the main agenda, but there will be lots of content for you to explore. Here are some of the topics that we'll cover for IGA:

Introduction to Identity Governance SaaS and Cloud Bridge
Identity Governance can now be deployed on premises or via SaaS! In this session, we'll discuss how the new architecture supports hybrid environments, enabling you to govern applications on premises and in the cloud.

IGA Request and Approval
Come learn about the future of request and approval in NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration. We'll show how users can request and approve access to resources in the latest version of Identity Governance, and we'll discuss what's coming next for the full IGA solution.

The Road to Autonomous IGA
What does it mean to evolve to autonomous identity governance and administration? Attend this session to learn about the different stages of autonomous IGA and start planning how you can move from manual processes to analytics-driven automation.

Streamlining user provisioning with Data Access Governance
In this demo, we'll use identity-based policies to automatically provision data storage, assign permissions, and control access. You'll see how Data Access Governance helps you provision users faster and free up IT resources.

Governing access to unstructured data
In this session, we'll show how you can gain visibility into who has access to documents and files in unstructured data repositories like SharePoint and Teams. Then we'll show how business users can review and certify that access through Identity Governance, using the same interface for reviewing access to applications.

Be sure to register so that you have access during and after the event!


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