FSF/NSM User Storage Service Driver


homepage url: http://www.brummelhook.com/dirxml
download links:
v1.1: http://www.brummelhook.com/download/nsm-user-rbe.zip
v1.0: http://www.brummelhook.com/download/nsm-user.zip

This IDM driver config template uses the loopback driver to assign File System Factory/Novell Storage Manager policies to users based on the "L" (location) attribute.

Basically, the first policy found where the policy's CN matches the user's L attribute is assigned to that user. Use ConsoleOne to add additional CN values to a policy if multiple locations uses the same policy. Separate archive and fallback policies can be configured to handle special cases. Backlinks on the FSF/NSM policies are maintained so that interoperability with NSM Admin should be no problem. See driver policies for details and drop me a line if you need futher assistance.

New 08-01-2008:

The new version 1.1 uses RBE to determine the appropriate FSF/NSM policy for a user, making it a lot easier to implement complex assignment rules. Functionality is the same as before, only the kind of implementation changed.

The driver config needs no customization whatsoever, just import and start the driver (and the entitlement service driver, of course), create entitlement policies - that's it.

Currently requires IDM 3.5.x, but can be adapted to run in an IDM 2.x/3.0.x environment if needed.


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