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As a consultant I'm working with many Designer installations at different sites and I usually like to know which Designer version I'm using since there are bugs in some and with the release of LDAP Designer even incompatibilities, especially when working in a team and using version control.

Unfortunately Designer does not tell at a glance which version it is, you have to manually check through the Help -> About menu item. Designer used to display the version during startup on the splash screen but even that is gone since version 4.5.4.

To fix this, I wrote a Designer plugin (based on that displays the version (as shown in Help - About) and connect mode (NCP or LDAP) in the window title, defaulting to something like "Designer 4.6.1 (LDAP)".

The title format can be customized to include the name or path or the workspace and/or install location as well through Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Window Title. Settings are stored per Designer installation so they stick even if you switch workspaces a lot:


To install, just download into


and restart Designer (when updating to a newer version, delete older plugin versions first).

To uninstall, simply delete the above JAR file and restart Designer again.

Preferences are stored in


and can be distributed together with the JAR file, in case you want to use non-default settings with many installations.

The plugin *should* work with Eclipse and other Eclipse based RPC applications as well, obviously the $appType$ tag only makes sense with Designer and $appVersion$ resolves to the version of the branding feature in that case.

Update 2017-09-16: there's no $appMode$ tag that can be used in custom title formats, it has to be $appType$. Fixed the text on the preferences page and uploaded fixed version 0.9.1

Update 2018-01-14: version 0.9.2 now also supports the IDM 4.7 Early Access builds.

Update 2020-05-23: still works unchanged with Designer 4.8.1


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