Workflow capabilities in Identity Manager 4

Q. Julien B. wrote: Is there there a workflow system in Identity Manager 4? And what exactly is "Workload IQ?"

A. Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition has an automated approval workflow engine. This allows for simple to complex workflows requiring approvals to be implemented and customized. This is an Advanced Edition feature only. However, both Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition and Advanced Edition tackle automatic provisioning or deprovisioning dependent on events like someone being added to or removed from the HR system. This can be considered a workflow as well. We distinguish between the two by talking about approval workflows (Advanced Edition only) and automated, rule-based provisioning (both editions of the products.)

Workload IQ is the differentiated approach Novell/NetIQ takes towards intelligent workload management marketplace. It is the ability we have to deliver identity-aware workloads running in physical, virtual, or cloud environments. Please see


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