Identity Manager Integration Module for PrimeKey's EJBCA PKI

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Based on the Open Source Certificate Authority (CA) EJBCA ( the integration module automatically creates certificates for any objects (such as users, servers, workstations, laptops, printers, telephones, etc.) in the central directory. EJBCA is a CA based on JEE technology and can be used as a complete PKI infrastructure for large companies.

The integration module uses the SOAP interface offered by the EJBCA for the data transmission. For all objects synchronized with EJBCA, it will create an entity and generate the requested certificate. Preconfigurable key- and entity-profiles allow to define the intended use of the certificate at creation time.

Generated certificates will be collected via the SOAP interface and stored in the central directory. Both public key and private key will be saved. The resulting certificates can be exported automatically to a PFX, CER or DER file. In addition, the PFX file can be protected by a password. The directory where to store the certificates is definable.

A preconfigurable recertification process guarantees the in time renewal of expiring certificates. This way new certificates will be available before reaching the expiration date.

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