Identity Manager Integration Module for Avaloq Banking Solution

The Integration Module uses the the IBM MQ message bus architecture for the data exchange. This way the solution integrates seamless in your existing SOA architecture. By default the module is configured as a one way communication interface and exclusively sends information to Avaloq.


The Integration Modul transfers users with their corresponding access rights, groups and organizational units to Avaloq. All objects will be created, modified and removed or deactivated automatically. On creation of a new user a random one time password for Avaloq will be generated. This password has to be changed upon initial Avaloq login.

NetIQ's role based access control system (RBAC) is fully supported. Avaloq roles assigned to users will be transferred to Avaloq. New role assignments or role removels will be synchronized with Avaloq immediately. Therefore the Avaloq access management can be completely integrated in the identity managers RBAC module. Thanks to the transparency of the role assignments even in the past, compliance requirements such as PCI DSS can be covered completely.

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Integration Module for Avaloq


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