Company Merger? How to Save Novell Identity Manager from getting the hook

Since the great recession started in 2008, there has been a climate of "Big Fish" eating "Little Fish", and ultimately there is a need to integrate systems. In many cases "Fear of the Big Red N" means a witch hunt to migrate away from anything bearing a certain logo. With Identity Integration and Consolidation, you can propose a solution keep Novell Identity Manager from getting the hook.

Novell is known for Identity Manager, but more recently, the amount of new Identity Manager Products has begun to sprint up. The likely hood that the two merging companies may have different IDM systems has grown.

Many of these competing IDM providers also have SOA Middle-ware packages and ESB’s (Enterprise Services Bus), and try to position against Novell Identity Manager by attempting to say they are tightly integrated with their middle-ware platform. The fact is, SOA is a platform based on “standards” and by properly implementing SOA with a type of Identity Integration Broker, or Identity Integration Bridge such as GreyTower by Directory Services, Inc. , and you can add Identity Integration services between two existing IDM platforms from different vendors, and with the same confidence. The enterprise versions of GreyTower are built on top of the leading open source ESB platform in the world.

The advantages of adding SOA services with GreyTower to Novell Identity Manager are many, and more strategies such as adding Identity Services in “purposed based” point appliances ad hoc, or extending services to the ESB where common tools sets such as Java can be used, will be review on future blogs, or by visiting .

In the end, you can launch an Identity Integration project with GreyTower for much less than the cost of migrating a solution wholesale. By leveraging an Identity Integration and consolidation project, you can add flexibility, agility and real cost savings to your IDM implementation and allow your two organizations to concentrate on other more important decisions. Like how to keep your customers.


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