Mirror iManager Plug-ins on local server


Your environment runs fine, all hosts are up and running. You install the latest updates but then you have to install a few iManager NPMs or you need new/updated designer modules.

Normally you do not allow your iManager/Designer to connect to the internet. So you have to reconfigure them to use the proxy, maybe set a rule at the proxy ... and afterwards switch it back to secure.

On the other hand, you can use the script below put it into your SMT-Server and configure them to use the local URL.

#! /bin/bash
# Script downloads the iManager-Plugins, store them locally and edit the XML-File.
# (This is the bash3 version)
# by thopp, Maintainet AG (c)
# April 2017
# Version: b1-0.01

trap cleanup EXIT

# Create temporary File which contain the XML-data after downloads and
TMPXML=$(mktemp -p /tmp/ tmpXXX)
URLLST=$(mktemp -p /tmp/ tmpXXX)
URLNEW=http://<Your SMT-Server here>$PSTORE

# Cleanup
cleanup() {
# Delete TMP-File
rm -r $TMPXML
rm -r $URLLST

# Get the XML-File from Novell:
wget -O $TMPXML http://www.novell.com/products/consoles/imanager/iman_mod_desc.xml

# Extract the download URLs
grep "http://" $TMPXML | cut -f 3 -d [ | cut -f 1 -d ] | sort | uniq > $URLLST

# Download the NPMs an store them incl. Path
while read URL ; do
done < $URLLST

# Edit the XML-File
sed "s|http://cdn.novell.com/|$URLNEW/|g" $TMPXML > $NEWXML

exit 0

If you want to use this script do the following:

Copy and paste it in a file. Name it e.g. dlimanplugin.sh. Put this file to your SMT-Server into the directory /usr/local/bin.

Set the Owner to root and the rights to R/O.

#chown root:root /usr/local/bin/dlimanplugin.sh
#chmod 500 /usr/local/bin/dlimanplugin.sh

Edit at least the Variable URLNEW.

Create a cronjob for a regular run. (E.g. once a week)

Good luck


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