Mass Generate LDIF

There is an open source project called OpenDS that contains a nice tool called make-ldif.

make-ldif takes a template file and generates an LDIF file that contains the amount of entries you specify in the template.

To get started with make-ldif do the following:

First go to and install OpenDS, I recommend you have the latest Java 1.6.0 version installed.

The installation is pretty straightforward since it uses Java Web Start and I won't cover it here.

I installed OpenDS into E:\OpenDS on my Windows machine.

Under OpenDS\bat you can find the make-ldif.bat tool.
Under OpenDS\config\MakeLDIF you can find the template files.

Remember those two locations.

Go into the OpenDS\config\MakeLDIF directory and make a copy of example.template that you will edit.
Open the copy in a text editor.

The template looks something like this:

define suffix=o=ACME,C=US
define numusers=10001

branch: [suffix]

branch: ou=People,[suffix]
subordinateTemplate: person:[numusers]

template: person
rdnAttr: uid
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
givenName: <first>
sn: <last>
cn: {givenName} {sn}
initials: {givenName:1}<random:chars:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ:1>{sn:1}
employeeNumber: <sequential:0>
uid: user.{employeeNumber}
mail: {uid}@[maildomain]
userPassword: password
telephoneNumber: <random:telephone>
homePhone: <random:telephone>
pager: <random:telephone>
mobile: <random:telephone>
street: <random:numeric:5> <file:streets> Street
l: <file:cities>
st: <file:states>
postalCode: <random:numeric:5>
postalAddress: {cn}${street}${l}, {st} {postalCode}
description: This is the description for {cn}.

To make sure it works with eDirectory I had to edit it.

I've added another objectClass value just to be sure: ndsLoginProperties

Then I changed all instances of employeeNumber into workforceID (there are two of them in the file):
employeeNumber: <sequential:0>
uid: user.{employeeNumber}


workforceID: <sequential:0>
uid: user.{workforceID}

When you are satisfied with the look of the template change the following row:
define numusers=10001
to a value that creates the number of entries you need, maybe 5 million???

The next step is to run the make-ldif command, open a command prompt and CD into the OpenDS\bat directory.

Run the following command:

make-ldif -o C:\Test.ldif -t E:\OpenDS\config\MakeLDIF\MyNewTemplate.template

It will create an LDIF containing all of your new entries that you can then import into eDirectory with ICE or what I would use, the ldif2dib tool.

More info about make-ldif can be found here:

Info about the template files:

Info about ldif2dib:


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