Identity Manager Bundle Edition 4.6 is now available for OES / BCC customers


The IDM 4.6 Bundle Edition is now available for all entitled customers  (current on Open Enterprise Server / Business Continuity Cluster maintenance).  You can download the IDM 4.6 build and Bundle Edition keys from 'software' -> 'entitled software' section of the NetIQ customer center.


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  • Hi Madhan,

    I'm an entitled customer to this edition. We have AD+Exchange, OES2017.1 with eDirectory 8.8
    We have been struggling with passwords on both directories since years and we are evaluating to synchronize just AD-eDir passwords **only**
    Will this scenario be covered with this license? (since we also have Exchange) or do we need to acquire an special connector/driver?
  • Hi Mcando
    With the IDM BE you can synchronize eDir and AD passwords. Exchange should be getting it's password from AD so you should be fine there. I had a large customer do exactly this and reduce their helpdesk password calls by 80%.

    Note that you can now also SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset) as part of the OES IDM BE entitlement - This means not only will your passwords be synchronized but users can also reset them themselves should they forget their password.

  • Hi lothar, thank you very much!
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