SAP HR iDoc Decoder


Q: When examining an iDoc using a text editor it's very hard to read the data. Is there any way for format the information so it's easier to read?

A: You can use the iDoc decoder written by Novell engineering. If your Java environment variables are set correctly. You can enter 'java HRIDocDecode' from a command prompt in the directory where you have place the iDoc Decoder. The name is case-sensitive.

You will be prompted for the IDoc type (default HRMD_A05), IDoc file name, Character-Set encoding, and output file name. Additionally you may specify which infotypes you would like to see, or specify 'all' to get everything decoded. The IDoc meta map file (HRMD_A0X) that being used by the SAP HR driver should be present in the same location as the iDoc decoder.

The output file, if selected, will be placed in the current working directory. If the IDoc is large and/or contains large numbers of objects, this program can take a while to run.


  1. Enter "java HRIDocDecode" in a command prompt. Java must be in your path or you need to fully qualify the path.

  • Enter the "iDoc Type". Example "HRMD_A07"

  • Enter the name of the iDoc file.

  • Enter the encoding.

  • Enter the name of the output file you want created.

  • Enter the infotype to decode or "all" to decode the entire iDoc.


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