Enhanced IDM trace

By: scauwe



Tracing IDM drivers can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of policies. Designer has a colored trace view, but mixes all drivers. The log files are missing the nice colors. This IDM designer plugin tries to make tracing IDM drivers simpler. It provides the following features:

  • Simple context menu to start the trace.

  • Parse the IDM trace and present an outline tree view.

  • Filter the trace per driver.

  • Drill down on an event with a fish-bone overview.

  • Context menu in the fish-bone to jump directly yo policies, statuses or trace messages.

User Guide

See the documentation.


Installation is via Designers package update functionality. See the product website.


July 2015, version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

  • Known limitations:

    • When running this plugin in a server with lots of drivers (eg >20), and each driver is tracing at level 3, the plugin can become a performance bottleneck, stressing Designer. Potential solution: apply the tree-view filter to the editor view as well (or: move the filter from the tree to the editor view).

  • Initial opening of the enhanced trace editor is slow.

  • Bigger XDS messages can get truncated in the trace. Under investigation. This is possible caused by the fact that these trace messages are broken down by eDirectory into several partial events, without any method to correlate between the two (or more) parts. The plugin is thus unable to find back the 'parent' event of the current partial event.

  • Only tested in Designer 4.0 and 4.5 on Windows and Linux. If you are running something else, feel free to provide feedback.

  • The label of the filter policy set (both on subscriber as on publisher) in the outline view is not visible if no trace messages are found for the given filter.


I'd love to add the following features:

  • Save and open the traces.

  • Search in the events.

  • Option to directly open and focus the policy editor from a corresponding trace message (I am dreaming, I know). I think that this one will require changes to NetIQ's (undocumented) designer data model.

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