Prerequisites for Office 365 driver on Win2K16 Server 64-bit made easy

This article will help simplify the installation of the Office 365 driver on Windows Server 2016. Compared to other drivers, this driver is a bit tricky to understand the requirements/prerequisites needed. Installing the prerequisites on Windows Server 2016 for Office 365 driver is made easy with the following step-by-step instructions.

Software Requirements:

Create an Office 365 user administrator account through which the driver can authenticate to Office 365 and perform administrative functions, such as creating users and groups. The driver must log in to Office 365 using an Office 365 account with administrative privileges.

Office 365 is supported on IDM 4.6 or later.

The Office 365 driver supports .NET Remote Loader running on the Windows Server 2016 platform.

Note 1: After you download all the below prerequisites, before installing, make sure they are unblocked manually as shown in the below picture:

unblocking the .msi files

Note 2: Also as your Win2K16 is 64-bit make sure you download all the prerequisites in 64-bit only for installation.

Step 1:

Check for the Power shell version. The PowerShell version should be latest for the O365 driver to run successfully.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> $PSVersionTable








{1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...}










Step 2:

Microsoft Visual C 2012 Redistributable packages will already be installed or present in Win2K16 Server. If not installed, it can be downloaded and installed using the link below:

For installation instructions, visit the Microsoft download page.

Installed_Microsoft VC

Check Control panel for the installed components

Step 3:

Download and install Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant version 7.250.4556.0 and above using the link below:

microsoft online services sign in assistant

Step 4:

Download and install Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell on the same Server Win2K16 using the link below:

If you are running PowerShell v5 you can install the module from the online gallery using:
Install-Module -Name MSOnline

Otherwise, you can download the installer from here:

Ms azuread module for PS

Step 5:

The Microsoft Online module is installed in the default Windows PowerShell path of your Windows computer.

By default, Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant is installed in the path C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\MSOnline.

and Microsoft Online Services Module in C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\MSOnlineExtended.

For the driver to start successfully, ensure that you copy all the .dll files from these two default Windows PowerShell paths to the driver installation folder.

Note 3: After all the prerequisites are met (after following the above steps restart the server once)

Installing the Driver Shim

Ensure that you perform the following tasks before installing the Office 365 driver:

  • Install the Microsoft requirements as in the prerequisites mentioned above in the above 6 simple steps

To create and configure the driver, install the driver files from the installation directory of the file.

To install the driver, perform the following steps:

  1. Before starting the installation, stop the .NET Remote Loader service.

  • Unzip the file to the driver installation folder.

  • From the unzipped file, copy the DXMLMSOnlineDriver.dll, SQLite.Interop.dll, and System.Data.SQLite.dll files to the .NET Remote Loader installation folder.

  • Download the driver packages from the Package Update channel, always stay on the latest release packages.

Configure the Office 365 Driver

Use the .NET Remote Loader graphical interface to configure the Office 365 driver:

  1. Browse to the installation directory of the .NET Remote Loader and run rlconsole.exe to open the GUI console. The .NET Remote Loader GUI is similar to the traditional Remote Loader GUI.

  • Click Add, then specify the Description, Driver (DXMLMSOnlineDriver.dll) and other parameters in the page that displays.

  • To configure the Office 365 driver as an application, de-select the Establish a Remote Loader service for this driver instance.You can configure the Office 365 driver as an application or as a service.

  • Click OK. A prompt displays asking you if you want to start the Remote Loader. You can start the driver now or later.When the driver is started as an application, a trace window opens. It doesn't open if the driver is started as a service.

Once you follow all these requirements, deploy the driver from the designer (4.6 designer or later).

Then start the office 365 driver.

The driver should start successfully without errors.

For the complete implementation of office 365 driver even other than Windows 2016 server please visit the official site:



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