Installing IDM 4.01 on Windows 2008 SR2

Here is a quick step-by-step on how to install IDM 401 AE on top of Windows 2008R2 using Integrated Installer.

Security is the source of a few surprises on the Windows 2008R2. Also, the steps you take with Integrated Installer make a difference.

I have allocated 3Gb of RAM on my system, and 40 Gb of disk space. I would recommend you allocate more disk space, something like 80Gb for a test system.

  1. Create a Folder called Novell (e.g. C:\Novell ) and assign explicit rights for Administrator on it;

  • Create a share on the folder;

  • Run install from DVD/ISO and install all components;

  • Create a user called postgres(type=Administrator) and set a complex password (e.g. N0vell123);

  • Assign rights to the \Novell\IdentityManager\rbpm\potsgresql for user postgres(otherwise postgresql service won't start);

  • add postgres user to share on \Novell

  • run configure and deselect Identity Reporting (leave the rest checked).

After this step, you should have a working UserApp at http://ip_address:8180/IDMProv

You probably want to create an Inbound rule in Windows Firewall for the following ports: 8080,8180,8443,8543,8030,389,636,524,8081

Now if you want Identity Reporting, you need a SLES EAS server. You can install one using the IDM 401 AE Linux DVD/Medium and install only the EAS server (from under products). Then you need to obtain the system key from /etc/opt/novellsentinel_eas/config/ (e.g. system=

You will need to open ports in your EAS server firewall: 15432 (postgresql), 1289 (audit), 61616 (ActiveMQ).

Then you can run configure again and select Identity Reporting. Set all IP addresses to EAS server for EAS, database and Data Collection Service.

After that, you can hit http://ip_address:8180/IDMRPT

If you need to restart JBoss, you can use start-jboss.bat under \Novell\IdentityManager\rbpm\UserApplication.


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  • Create a share, OK. Assign what permissions to the share?

    Assign rights to the \Novell\IdentityManager\rbpm\potsgresql? What rights, full access or what?

    What is the point in creating this postgre user unless you are running the config.exe under that user?