Managing GroupWise 2014 profile pictures via Identity Manager

With the release of GroupWise 2014 R2, there is a new feature added in the REST api to manage profile pictures in GroupWise. Aside from the fact that these pictures have to be cropped to certain size and resolution, there are several ways to update GroupWise profile pictures for the users. A few are listed here:

Scripts to prepare upload picture to groupwise

Groupwise 2014 Read me

In the article we will discuss how to manage (add, modify and delete) the GroupWise profile pictures via Identity Manager Groupwise REST driver. This solution assumes that the eDirectory photo attribute is already populated with the user's picture.

The solution is built with the same idea as discussed in Calling REST Api from Identity Manager policies. Firstly follow the steps outlined in the mentioned article to setup the connection to GroupWise 2014 R2 and above.

The attachment provided in this article contains IDM custom jar file and IDM package that are needed to demonstrate the photo feature. Once the driver is setup and the IDM package provided in this article are added in the driver (steps explained in the article mentioned above), please go ahead and review the sample actions in the following Output transformations policy -> GW14 REST Operations. Adjust them as required to match the use case in your environment as in the example policies, particular description attribute values are used to trigger the needed actions for demonstration purposes.

For the photo feature refer to the following actions "Demo of add or modify user's GW profile picture" and "Demo of deleting user's GW profile picture".

The actions when triggered, reads the photo attribute value for the user stored in eDirectory, changes it to the needed format and makes the REST call to GroupWise system.

Hope this helps and please leave any comments on any improvements that you think can benefit others.

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