Troubleshooting UserApp 3.7 Tabs Display

UserApp 3.7 is installed and configured. Logged in as uadmin or padmin. Some tabs (Roles and Resources, Compliance, Administration) are not displayed.

If the tabs are not visible then it's a permission problem. In this case uadmin and padmin do not have sufficient rights/roles to see the tabs.

Userapp driver will apply the permissions/roles only during the 1st initialization. So in order to fix the permission problem the following steps need to be executed in sequence.

1. Delete Userapp Driver (Be careful all driver associations are removed).

2. Delete Roles and Resources Driver (Be careful all driver associations are removed).

3. Run to configure the appropriate user for appropriate roles.

4. Deploy userapp war(IDMProv.war) file and start the application server (Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss).

5. Import/create userapp driver and configure it with correct parameters and credentials.

6. Import/create roles and services driver and configure it with correct parameters and credentials.

7. Start Userapp driver (Make sure that the userapp is already started and running). When userapp driver is started it makes a SOAP call to userapp server to apply the proper permissions and roles.

8. Start the Roles and Services Driver (Roles and services driver will apply the required roles to the user).

9. Login to the userapp and you should be able to see all the tabs now.

While running it is always recommended to use uadmin for all user roles. Once userapp is running, login as uadmin and delegate the appropriate roles(provisioning, resource, roles) to appropriate users using Administration -> Rolebased Administration tab.


How To-Best Practice
Comment List
  • 1) Stop User Application Driver and Roles and Resources driver
    2) Stop User Application
    3) Verify that all settings are correct. Important that the base dn set in Roles and Resources driver is high enough to include the administrator that is specified in the User Application! The base DN doesn't have to be the same as the User base DN specified in the User Application
    4a) Open your favorite eDirectory editor (iManager, Directory Studio or whatever...)
    4b) Open properties for <UA driver>\AppConfig\AppDefs\configuration
    4c) Edit the attribute XmlData and delete the following element (from start of <property> to end of </property>, the value will of course differ from this example):


    5) Launch configupdate (User Application) and verify settings.
    6) Start User Application
    7) Start drivers
    8) Log in to User Application, if you have the console log available you should notice that rights needed and roles are granted.