Removing Identity Manager v3.5 from a NetWare 6.5 Server


Our original partition structure warranted multiple instances of the IDM Engine for eDirectory to eDirectory synchronization. This can get expensive if your company decides to go with the "Per Instance" licensing.

After some debate, we decided to modify the placement of replicas, mainly because of our new international MPLS network. This would eliminate the need for IDM Engines abroad. The problem was that I had already installed the IDM Engine (metadirectory) and eDirectory Driver in these locations, and they needed to be removed.

To remove the IDM Engine and associated drivers from a NetWare 6.5 server is quite simple. Here's what I did ...

Server Procedure

From the server console,


Figure 1 - NWConfig screen

Click to view.

2. Choose Product Options > View/Configure/Remove installed products.


Figure 2 - Currently Installed Products screen

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3. Scroll down and highlight "Engine 3.5.0 Novell Identity Management Metadirectory Server".

4. Press Delete and then click Yes to remove.


Workstation Procedure

1. Log in to iManager.

2. Expand Identity Manager and click on Identity Manager Overview.

3. Search for the DriverSet you want to remove.

Figure 3 - DriverSet in the Identity Manager Overview screen

Click to view.

4. On the right, click the "Red X" and select "Yes" to remove the server.

5. Click Delete Driver and select the drivers you want to remove from the DriverSet.

6. Once the drivers have been removed from the DriverSet, expand Partitions and Replicas and click on Merge Partition. (This needs to be done if you chose to create the DriverSet as its own partition.)

Figure 4 - Merge Partition screen

Click to view.

7. Browse to the DriverSet Partition, select it, and click OK.

This may take a while depending on your tree.

8. Once the partition has been merged to its parent, expand Directory Administration and click on Delete Object.

9. Browse to the DriverSet object and click OK.

Figure 5 - Deleting the DriverSet object

Click to view.

That's it! You have removed an instance of the IDM Engine from your NetWare Server.

Note: If you re-install the engine back to the same server for some reason, ensure that you have given eDirectory time to clean itself up first.


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