Windows Remote Loader Tasks for the Lotus Notes Driver



The Lotus Notes driver for IDM 3.01 (v2.2.5 is the latest in the patch "idm301notesir1" at the time of writing) is a tricky driver to configure. The documentation is relatively complete but time-consuming to go through.

One of the areas to focus on is Windows Remote Loader tasks for Notes driver configuration.


Following is a summary of the key things that need to be done on a Windows Remote Loader, before you can start configuring the driver itself in iManager.

1. Go to the Notes server designated to be the one you use.

2. Install the Remote loader driver and the Notes driver shim. Use the CD to install this, and get the latest driver patch as well.

3. From Domino Administrator, copy the UNID of the Deny Access group you want to use to a text file that is handy for the driver install. (Go to Document Properties of the Deny Access group, and click the fifth tab (in the Notes 7 client) in the Identifier field - you want the last 32 characters).

4. Ensure that c:\lotus\domino is in the path (needs a reboot). (Go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > PATH.)

5. Ensure only the server notes.ini file is in the path.

6. Copy the following items - remember to remove RO flag if copied from CD:

  • c:\novell\remoteloader\ndsrep.exe to \lotus\domino

  • c:\novell\remoteloader\dsrepcfg.ntf to \lotus\domino\data

  • \lotus\domino\notes.jar to c:\novell\remoteloader\lib

  • Notes.jar from a client install to the default location. (You don't need the client installed, just the notes.jar file from any client install. It is aboutn 1.8 Megs in Notes 7)

7. Sign the dsrepcfg.ntf with Server ID if required. (From Domino Administrator, select the Files tab, find the dsrepcfg.ntf file, right-click and select Sign, with the active user's ID.

8. In Domino Administrator, create a Lotus Notes account with Manager Level ACL to names.nsf, certlog.nsf and eventually ndsrep.nsf. Create a reasonably complex password for this service account and remember it.

9. At the Domino console, enter "?load ndsrep DRIVERNAME?" to start replicating to the ndsrep.nsf DB. DRIVERNAME is the name you will call it in iManager/Designer.

10. Edit notes.ini, and on the "ServerTasks=" line add "ndsrep DRIVERNAME" to auto-start it.

Once all this is done, you can configure the Remote loader like any other remote loader. You can import the Driver XML file in iManager or Designer like any other driver.

Notes asks MANY questions at the time of driver import, so make sure to have a Notes Administrator handy to answer them all at import time.

The above list should cover most of the Notes-specific things that need to be done to the server.


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