ID Apps - Searching for users, how to show more than simply full name


If you have used the ID Apps, you will know that there are many locations in the UI where you can search for users and some of them differ very slightly.

However, one of the major issues you may run into is that the display shows only the full name. Which is great, until you have two John Smiths or two Aditya Vikrams.

How do you tell Aditya #1 from Aditya #2?

The good news is that the DAL comes to the rescue.  With the switch to the new user interface that started in IDM 4.02 with the IDM Home, and is now fully the only option as of 4.7.3, IDMProv's old interface is no longer available.

When they made this switch, they wisely did NOT throw away the DAL (Directory Abstraction Layer) instead they integrated into the RESTful services they exposed for the new UI to consume.

This means, that since they are honouring the DAL, we might be able to fix it in the DAL.

My first thought was look in the DAL at the Entities and then User, looking to see if there is anything special about Given Name, Surname, or Full Name attributes that would flag them as being the displayed values. But I was close, but not quite.

Turns out there is a DAL Entity called Full name.  This is special as it has a definition space where you can define the value of what is returned, in a syntax that I THINK is only used in this one place.

So TLDR version, DAL, Entities, Full Name and where it says:

attr.getValue("Given Name") " " attr.getValue("Surname")

   change it to:

attr.getValue("Given Name") " " attr.getValue("Surname") " - " attr.getValue("CN")

And now you get "Geoffrey Carman - geoffc" for me, and possibly "Geoffrey Carman - carmang" for that other slacker. (If you ever run into a location that has two people with the same name as me, it is best to run and hide, the endtimes will be approaching). 

Of course you could chose any other attribute to add in if you so desired.

Note the syntaxt of attr.getValue("attrName") is somewhat odd in the context of ID Apps, since I cannot think of another place where it works that way.  (There is an analouge to this for IDG and it is set in the GUI in more database langauge style syntax. Don't have an IDG example handy.  But the displayName in IDG is a special attribute, who definition is configured somewhat similarly in

Now of course, anywhere that uses the DAL entry for the Full Name entity is going to display it this way.  The most obvious is in the upper right corner, where it used to show your full name it will now show full name - cn value.

As far as I can tell so far, no emails go out with a different value, so that does not look like one of the places it uses it.



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