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Welcome to the Identity Manager driver walkthrough page

This is an attempt to gather existing, and generate new content that try to walk through a driver, or a portion of a driver configuration, to explain what happens. This is something that is very hard to get written into the documentation, but can be of immense value both for beginners and for experienced IDM implementers. My ['s_personal_collection personal collection of articles] that I will draw some of these from is available for all to peruse. The goal of this wiki page is to try and get more info about Identity Manager driver default configuration files out there, and to try to get people to submit some content. I will try and flesh out a structure and add in all the existing links I know of, to get them together in a structured way, in this location.

Call for volunteers

I need people to volunteer to write some content for this project. Pick a driver you know really well. Pick a channel, a single step in the flow (Event, Command, Create, etc) or even a single policy object and write up a detailed explanation of what and why it is doing something. If everyone writes one or two small bits, we will end up with a fair bit written. Email me, ( for help in getting started, or ideas, or whatever! Write them on your personal Wiki. Write them here in another Wiki page at Novell. Write them for Cool Solutions and earn some Cool Solutions points for them. Write them wherever. Don't care where it is, lets get it written!

Very General Identity Manager basics, by author: David Gersic Excellent series that walks through the policy flows


Fernando Freitas An amazing article on how to read and use Dstrace Another series on trace

General non-driver specific:

This article discusses the Command Transform rule set (Sub channel) that affects and controls password change events, between modify-password events and modify-attr of nspmDistributionPassword, and most every driver that does passwords has similar rules.

Here is the Publisher channel version:


Non IDM version specific:

Active Directory Driver:

Challenge-Response Driver: Aaron wrote a great article walking through this driver

Driver for Lotus Notes Perry Nuffer wrote a great article below

Driver for GroupWise David Gersic has a great series on this driver

Sample HEAT helpdesk driver Not exactly a walk through, but has a sample configuration for a JDBC driver in it, and explains some of its working.

SOAP Driver Basics

Geoffrey Carman wrote a series on how you might build a SOAP driver to a web service

Student Interoperability Framework (SIF):

Identity Manager 3.5 drivers specific: Active Directory driver:

Aaron Burgemeisters AD driver series:

PeopleSoft Driver: David Gersic's:

Password Notifier driver (By Lothar Haeger) Driver link:

Identity Manager 3.6 driver specific: Scripting Driver Samples: The guys at Omnibond, who do truly excellent drivers have been documenting a series of use cases for their scripting driver. The Scripting driver is really a great driver, for those cases where a pre-existing driver just does not fit the bill. If there is some Unix or Windows way to call some other program to do the dirty work, this driver can make it happen in conjunction with your Identity Manager infrastructure. Really the bat-utility belt of drivers!

These are great samples, and can be found at:


Identity Manager 4.0 drivers specific: Packages:


Banner Driver

Bidirectional eDirectory Driver

Blackboard Driver

Cisco Unified Call Manager basics

Data Collection Service:

Google Apps driver

Managed System Gateway:

Office 365 Driver

Oracle EBS HR Driver

RSA Driver

Compliance Management Platform driver specific: SAP Driver Family in the CMP:

SAP HR driver, CMP version:

SAP Business Logic driver, CMP version:

Loopback driver rules tutorials: This is a series I (geoffc) wrote about using DirXML Script in a somewhat non traditional way. I.e. Not really event based, but rather do magic when triggered, to clean up, fix up, report, etc. This has detailed walk throughs of the hows and whys of using them, so it seems like it fits this page.


Reference documents:




If you have written anything like this, please edit and add links, or else email me ( and I will update the page with a link to it. I have a couple of ideas for articles I will try and get written soon.


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