Oh Where Can My Identity Manager Tab BE?!


After upgrading iManager, first from 2.5 to 2.6 then 2.7, eDir to 8.8x, and IDM to (eventually) 3.51, I could not find the Identity Manager tab when trying to look at the status of a user object's DirXML associations...

We had been getting more focused on using Identity Management and synchronizing data - especially passwords - between eDir, GroupWise, and Active Directory. We were stressing to all our facilities the need to use iManager for creating users, changing passwords, etc, and to do all this ONLY in eDirectory. They see only the production file-and-print tree, which then synchs to our IM (ID Vault) tree, and thus to AD.

Since data cleansing had not been a priority before, and the schema of eDir and AD don’t exactly match, we were getting multitudes of calls regarding passwords not synching, users not being created in AD, etc. (Often they would circumvent the process by just making the changes in BOTH places without ever calling us, but that’s another horror story…)

To find out why, we were more and more heavily relying on iManager and what was happening in the driver associations.

But when I would bring up “Modify User”… no Identity Tab!

Tried fiddling with the plugins, re-install iManager, etc… Checked on three other Admins workstations… Tried iManager from a NetWare 6.5 iManager 2.6 and 2.7, and a SUSE OES Linux 2.7 box… no Identity Manager tab.

Finally, I tried “Modify Object” (under “Directory Administration”, and lo and behold, that is where it’s now hidden.

A happy ending, after all.


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