Workaround for -404 Error in iManager



Have you ever had this problem? You log in to iManager, and you get the general look and feel. The left column has all the correct choices. You can expand any of them, and see the options below them.

But if you choose an option, say Modify User under Directory Administration or Dataflow under Identity Manager Utilities, you get a 404 error with something about "Frameservice not found."


Here's a workaround for the problem:

1. Find the name of the actual page you want to open, by pointing at one of the choices in the left hand pane of iManager and looking at the URL:


The name of the action you want is "Delegate&delegate=XXXXXXXXXXX" So, in the case above, for Modify User from the Directory Administration group, you want the value base.ModifyObject.

2. Pop it into this URL format as

So for the Identity Manager Utilities Dataflow you would set it to eProv.Dataflow, and so on.

Well it turns out the real answer is both simple and a pain at the same time. It is actually a Firefox bug! If you are using iManager and have this problem, try it with Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera.

If you ever got the error message in Firefox asking you to enable clipboard clipping, and you said yes, then some indeterminate time in the future, expect to see this problem.

There should be a TID coming on this topic soon. The quick fix is start a new Firefox profile, but if you have anything more than just bookmarks.html customized, deleting your profile will lose it (such as saved passwords, cookies to actual useful sites, and so on).

The actual fix is not clear. It appears to be within the Mozilla group's perview (but it may be sufficiently complex that a little blame here, a little blame there, is more accurate).

For me, it was great to find out that this problem is actually known and there is a better workaround! It has been seen in Firefox 1.0, 1.5, and the 2.0 family of browsers.

TID 3376781 is related - it may be a possible problem in your environment, but the TID has not worked for me.


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