Designer and Subversion - How to Start Over


If you work with Identity Manager long enough you will find that version control \ source management becomes an essential tool in an IDM architect's tool belt. However, if you've not used subversion before, or even if you have, the interface in Designer may not match exactly what you already know.

So you uploaded a project only to discover it was the wrong project, or you put it in the wrong folder, or you didn't have a recent copy from the directory, or, or, or, or whatever. So since you haven't really started using it yet, why not just start over?

How to start over isn't readily obvious in Designer. The end game is to end up with an empty repository and be able to check in your project fresh wherever you want to. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Option 1

In Designer, open the version control workspace.

Then in the version control workspace, right click on the project you want to remove and click "Delete"

This will remove the project from subversion. You can then check it in again, starting fresh.

Option 2

In subversion, delete the problematic project folder.

Designer will then prompt you with three options to handle this deletion:

  1. Check the project back in
  • Leave the project as an unversioned local project
  • Delete the project from Designer

Leaving the project as an unversioned local project will return it to as it was before it was checked in.

Happy coding!


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