HTML Report Generation in Designer


Designer 3.x currently supports report generation in pdf, rtf formats. There is no provision currently to generate html reports. To generate an out of box html report in Designer, there is an alternative.

  1. In designer do the following:

    Preferences -->Novell -->Identity Manager -->Document Generation --> check the 'Output XML source files'

  • Run Document Generator for the project in the Designer

  • Go to designer workspace location where your project is located.

    Say, '1' is the name of the project, then $workspace\1\Designer\Documents\Generated\ is the source file. This is xsl-fo file.

  • Execute the following command.

> java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -XML -in $workspace\1\Designer\Documents\Generated\  -xsl fo2html.xsl -out  report.html

The above command takes xsl-fo as input and applies the xsl-fo to html transformation using fo2html.xsl and generates report.html


jdk1.6, xerces.jar, xalan.jar. By default jdk1.6 gets shipped with these jars in jre\lib\endorsed folder


  1. The generated report can be best viewed in Windows internet explorer browser currently.

  • fo2html.xsl needs to be tweaked to ensure the html gets generated in proper format.

Sample screenshot:


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