DNSBLchecker 4.3

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DNSBLchecker is a program for checking hosts in Internet : Enter a domain name or IP of your host, and I tell you who are you! The program also includes additional tests:

  • Checking websites hosted on one IP address.

  • Ping

  • Trace route

  1. Question: What is DNSBLchecker?

    Answer: The DNSBLchecker program is a tool for testing hosts in DNS blacklists ("DNSBL") and Whois databases. For that operation the program uses DNS and Whois queries to the servers storing those databases.

  • Question: What distinguishes DNSBLchecker from existing similar DNSBL programs?


    • For search of info the program uses Internet Whois and DNSBL databases.

  • The program works in the Microsoft Windows or SUSE Linux environments.

  • To this program you can attach any number of DNSBL servers for

  • For testing you can enter an IP address or domain name of the wanted
    host. If a domain name of the host has several IP addresses, then the
    program will check those entire addresses and write a result to the
    HTML report.

  • Since v.3.0 the program was enhanced with the additional tests (for details see the program Help )

  • Question: Who can work with the program?

    Answer: The program is recommended for GroupWise and Internet administrators.

  • Question: How can I get the program?

    Answer: The program is free for downloading on our site: http://www.kvy.com.ua/products. The program has Help.

    Main window of the program:



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