SplitXML for SecureLogin


Version 2.12 - July 13, 2007


2.12 additional features:


Added support for Drag and Drop of XML files into SplitXML UI

2.11 additional features:


Fixed output file so it has DOS end of line (CR/LF)

    • This was done to stop UltraEdit from asking to convert file to DOS format

Added file save dialog for naming single output files

    • This appears after you select single and then click the SplitXML button

* Minimum Requirements: .Net 2.0 on Windows

This utility works with export files from Novell SecureLogin (NSL), ActivIdentity SecureLogin (ASL), or Protocom SecureLogin (PSL) and provides the ability to create individual import files, or plain text files, for import back into SecureLogin. It allows you to create individual import files containing application definition(s), password policies, and/or preferences. Each created import file is in the format specified ASL, NSL v6/v3 or PSL and is ready for import via the appropriate management tool such as MMC, SLManager, ConsoleOne or iManager. See included help file for more detailed usage information.

Steps for Usage:

    1. Select the Input file = Exported SecureLogin file from MMC, SLManager, ConsoleOne or iManager.


    1. Select the Output Directory = Where you want the files to go


    1. Set the Output File Format =

      1. If you want files you can import back into SecureLogin - Choose XML


      1. If you want files you can look at in clear text - Choose SLS

    1. (Optional) Select Standardize Script Spacing = Update output script so it is consistently indented and spaced


    1. Set the Output File Mode( XML Mode Only)

      1. What format do you want the files in --> ASL, NSL v6/v3 or PSL

    1. Set the Output File Type( XML Mode Only)

      1. Select Multiple if you want all chosen items in their own separate file


      1. Select Single if you want all chosen items in one combined file

    1. Choose items to split out = Select application(s), preferences and/or password policies to split out from input file.


    1. Click Split File Button....


    1. (Optional) Select file or folder in status list box, right click and select open file/open folder as appropriate


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