Generating installation and configuration debug info in Identity Manager 4.7.x

With the release of Identity Manager 4.7 the installation and configuration methods of the product was changed from GUI based in the previous versions to be script based. In cases where troubleshooting needs to be done on the installation problems, generating debug information will be helpful to narrow down the failures and their causes.

This process would require that the media be copied over to the filesystem on the server where Identity Manager is being installed, so the shell scripts can be changed individually. Please note that making changes only to the parent ( script is not going to take care of any failures that may occur when the child process or new shell get spawned during installation or configuration. If the failure is determined to be in the spawned process or shell, then whichever script that gets executed in the parent script to spawn the new process also needs to be changed, after which the installation/configuration should be rerun.

Make the following change in any of the required shell scripts on which troubleshooting needs to be performed. In an editor, open the script to be debugged and add
"set -x" (without the quotes)

as the first line in the file. Save the changes and re run the installation or configuration. To output the debug messages to the console in addition to directing them to a file, run the script as shown in the below example:
./<any-script>.sh 2>&1 | tee /tmp/<anyscriptname>.log


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