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Most people remember with fondness the ability to search in NWAdmin, and how it showed you the closest match as you type. Consone One has the ability to search as you type, but it is not as nice as in NWAdmin.

The thing is, every so often, for no reason I had ever been able to figure out, searching stops working. I would know there was a user name "jsmith", but when I typed "jsmith" I always ended up at the first object in the container.

I have run into this a number of times, and finally found out the reason why the Console One search does not seem to find anything!


It turns out, that if there are multiple object classes in one container, say Group and User objects in the same container, which is incredibly common, then the default searching will check in the first Object class. This is done alphabetically of course, which means Group before User.

This appears to break searching. Saying that does not help a great deal, but it does make it understandable why it is not working.

If you only have one group in the container with many users, it starts to make a lot of sense to consider moving that group somewhere else, or to segregate your object classes!


In addition there are apparently bugs in search in Console 1.3.6 that are fixed in the 1.3.6H build.

Currently 1.3.6h is part of OES2, which just released (as I write this, 09/18/07) an open beta. The Linux installer is available standalone, but to get the Windows/Netware one is a bit trickier.

If you reference I discuss how Netware Service Packs are structured and how to find things and add things to them.

To get the Windows/Netware build you will need to grab the OES2 beta Netware kernel component, which is really NetWare 6.5 SP7. This is available currently at:

... but that link will change as the product is finally released. For a more dynamic method of finding it, go to and search on Open Enterprise Server as the product name.

Get the SP7 distribution, and expand the file. There will be a PRODUCTS directory with something like a CONSOLE1 subdirectory.

In there will be a series of ZIP files/ You could just unzip all of them to directory on your desktop, server, or wherever, and then that should be the complete distribution of Console1 for Windows/Netware.

If you unzip all the files, you will get the multilanguage version. You can skip the files that are named things like: (probably German, wouldn't you think?), (the French Help files), and so on. Pick your language of choice if you need it, else it defaults to English.


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