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If you check the top ten points list on most page views on Cool Solutions, you probably noticed I just crossed over the forty thousand point boundary!

First thing I want to do is encourage other people to contribute content, since we all benefit! I know I try very hard to talk about interesting error codes, so that when someone does a Google search for a specific error string, they might stand a chance of finding an article about it. (For example the 4 part series on JDBC driver error codes (1, Error Codes of the Novell Identity Manager Driver for JDBC: Part 1 of 4 2, Error Codes of the Novell Identity Manager Driver for JDBC: Part 2 of 4 3, Error Codes of the Novell Identity Manager Driver for JDBC: Part 3 of 4 4, Error Codes of the Novell Identity Manager driver for JDBC: Part 4 of 4
and Certificate expired error http://www.novell.com/communities/node/6306/certificate-expired-error ).

These are things that I would love to see as part of the documentation, but I understand why it is so hard to document all the error cases. No doubt you have some similar collection of institutional lore hidden somewhere! Unlock that hidden and share it with the rest of us! Information wants to be free!

I was looking back at some of the content I created, and I wanted to show the sales guys at my company some of the articles I had written.

I could go to my personal page at Cool Solutions, and click on the Track tab, but that just shows 25 a page (7 pages!) and is not really sorted in any reasonable fashion. On a side note, if you want to see ALL the articles you have touched on a single page, log in to Cool Solutions with your Novell Login, and then on the right hand side of the screen, you should see some extra menu options (like My Inbox, etc) and look for My Workspace, which will show you all your content in one very long view.

Cool Solutions sort of has tags available, but they are not fine grained enough for me. I was hoping they would allow me to tag my articles as I see fit (perhaps even let other users set tags). I understand the complexity of doing that, as in each case, especially for a web site sponsored by a company, it is very dangerous to just let users do stuff. (Users do the darndest things!)

Thus I decided to organize my collection of articles so I would have a personal reference available. Then I realized this would be useful to others as well.

I only focused on articles in the current model Cool Solutions, not articles from the archive vault. Basically that is articles from 2007 and on. (Oddly, some really popular ones that are older are still there, like iPrint Troubleshooting, which I think I wrote WAY back in 2005 or so).

Hope this gives you a feel for the kind of articles I have written, and the kind of articles you could write to contribute your self! I hope we get tags on Cool Solutions, one day, so that we can dynamically generate a page like this, for all articles, instead of having to do it manually.

General Articles:

Operating System Related:







Identity Manager Engine:


DirXML Script Tokens:



Cool tips:

IDM Tutorials:

Identity Manager Driver specific articles:

General driver:

Active Directory:

AS400 (Midrange, i5os) Bidirectional driver:





Linux/Unix Bidirectional driver:

Lotus Notes:

Password Notifier:

Remote Loaders:


Secret Store:

User Application:

Work Order:

Useful Tools:

Designer for Identity Manager:





Zenworks Asset Management (ZAM):

Zenworks Configuration Management:


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  • Lothar,

    Thanks! My goal is 60K by brainshare! I figure that requires 2 long articles a week from now till March! It may not actually be possible (not enough weeks left to get enough articles in) but it is a goal. I figure 50K should be pretty doable. 60K is a challenge!

    So hey, if you have a topic you want to see an article about! Send me a message! I do requests, if I find it something interesting to write about!

    I have a list of topics I maintain, that I still need to write about...

    Gotta find time to write articles about some of the really cool XPATH tricks I found. (Union of two sets, intersections, test two conditions at once, pretty much anything Michael Kay has written about XPATH! Convert it into an IDM sort of example.)

    Hopefully I will have some fun stuff to show if my Brainshare session on XPATH humour gets accepted! I figure a session based on XPATH jokes ought to do well. Right?

    Who else would get them? (My wife thinks I am daft when I try explaining them to her...)
  • Hi Geoffrey,

    congratulations, I was wondering in the last month whether you'll hit the 40000 before xmas or not ;-) Keep on going, and please: keep this index updated with future articles!

    Best wishes to New York, Lothar