Controlling iMonitor Session Length



On Netware, iMonitor inherits the settings from the Novell Remote Manager interface, so it is easy to configure contextless login and timeout values. On OES Linux, iMonitor still uses NoRM so some of the settings can be found there still.

If you are using eDirectory on Windows or Linux, not as part of OES, at some point you probably need to work with iMonitor. The default session timeout is 900 seconds, or 15 minutes, which is really not long enough.


To control this setting, there are several tools. On Linux you can use:

ndsconfig set http.server.session-exp-seconds=XXXX, where XXXX is the value in seconds.

However, at the lowest level, that is just changing an eDirectory attribute. The HTTP server config, which is more useful to look at it, is stored as an eDirectory object at the same level as the NCP server object, as an httpServer object, named after the server.

This object has the attribute httpSessionTimeout, which you can easily manipulate via your favorite LDAP tool or by using ConsoleOne and the Other tab of the httpServer object.

You can see the other attribs that are present as well to see what else can be controlled. You will need to restart the service for it to take affect, follow the docs on each platform.

One amusing difference between using ndsconfig and ConsoleOne is how to handle multiple instances on the same server. ndsconfig asks each time, which instance you are referring to. In ConsoleOne, you see two NCP server objects, one for each instance, so it just looks like two servers.


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