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Idea URL Date submitted Status Votes
Group searching on other attributes - not just description /cyberres/idm/i/idmideas/group-searching-on-other-attributes---not-just-description 4/15/2020 18:19 Waiting for Votes 19
IDM Apps Workflow 'Approval Activity' needs more granular permissions /cyberres/idm/i/idmideas/idm-apps-workflow-approval-activity-needs-more-granular-permissions 7/14/2020 14:20 New Idea 16
"Admin Console" for IDM (and IG) /cyberres/idm/i/idmideas/admin-console-for-idm-and-ig 2/7/2020 0:53 Waiting for Votes 11
Auto-Terminate Approval Workflows when Requested Object Was Deleted /cyberres/idm/i/idmideas/auto-terminate-approval-workflows-when-requested-object-was-deleted 6/22/2020 8:05 New Idea 11



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