Landscape Generator


The Landscape Generator is designed to offer an easy way to configure a cool looking customer
environment web page without writing any HTML code!

All you need is configuring an XML file!

The Landscape Generator consists of three modules: LDAPSearch, Reporter and Merger.


Used to discover eDirectory server objects from an eDirectory installation using LDAP
discovered information are stored in an Landscape style XML file.

Landscape XML file can be used as base for further customization.


Used to generate merge multiple Landscape XML files to one Landscape XML file to be processed by the Reporter module.


Used to generate HTML file structure from the Landscape XML file content.

Updated: 09/23/2007

LDAPSearch module

- now supports also anonymous LDAP connections

Reporter module

- changed display order of elements

Changes: 04/27/2007

The LDAPSearch module now supports SSL connections.

The new parameter is [{-a,--cacerts} cacerts_file], which specifies the cacerts file, where the Trusted Root Certificate is stored in. Use keytool to insert the TRC into the file. A sample call is in the discovery.bat file.

The Reporter module does have changed and new command line parameters.

Checkout the readme.txt file for the change details.


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