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Updated: This iManager plug-in will be part of a milestone release after the release of Antelope (IDM 3.5.1).

Identity Manager users have requested UI that presents a driver's health. Access to specific driver cache statistics has been added to the 3.5.1 release of Identity Manager. The IDM administration team has developed new driver health and statistics UI in iManager that reads the driver and server and presents health information. The following describes the new UI.

Driver Health & Statistics

The driver set graphic view now includes a health semaphore on the driver icon. The semaphore represents the health of the driver as configured by the administrator. If the health thresholds are not configured for the driver, the semaphore does not display.

Clicking on the semaphore will display the health and statistics dialog.

The Driver Health and Statistics dialog shows the driver cache file and related details. The cache file size is dynamic by default; therefore, the graph representing its size will fluctuate depending on the percentage of space consumed by the unprocessed transactions. The dialog also includes the current semaphore light, similar to the driver icon.

The bottom section represents the detail of the driver cache file. This section includes the unprocessed transactions total and a bar graph for each transaction. These include: add, remove, modify, move, rename, resync entry, request resync, and custom.

Driver Health Configuration

The Green and Yellow states of the driver health semaphore can be configured. If the conditions of the Green light fail, the semaphore changes to the Yellow light. If the conditions of the Yellow light fail, it switches to the Red light. No conditions are set for the Red light. Therefore, an administrator can define what conditions determine when a Green or Yellow light will display. They are configured in the Health Configuration option in the contextual menu when clicking on the driver state icon.

Driver Health & Statistics Dashboard

Also included in the UI is a dashboard view of all the drivers in a driver set. For each driver, a Health & Statistics window is displayed. You can set the refresh to continually refresh all the windows on the page. A user can also change the display to 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns, depending upon the resolution of the user's monitor.

The idea behind this UI is to expose known driver functionality so that Identity Manager experts and administrators can start learning about how their drivers are working. Over time, this knowledge can help when troubleshooting a specific driver problem.

Any feedback or comments on this new UI is anticipated and greatly appreciated.


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