NetIQLDAPProxy resource agent in HAE

Hello Members,

According to the documentation ( there is a resource agent for NetIQ LDAP Proxy (NLPD):

Configuring NetIQ LDAP Proxy (NLPD) Resource#
Click the Resources tab.
On the Primitive tab add a new primitive
Create clusterip resource as follows:
ID: NLPD_Process
Class: ofc
Provider: heartbeat
Type: NetIQLDAPProxy
Initial state of resource: Retain the default value Started or select Inherit from its parent.
Add Monitor Operation: Select this option.


I couldn't find the "NetIQLDAPProxy" resource agent in a fully patched SLES 12 SP3 HAE environment. I've checked it in the HAE iso, in the LDAP Proxy install kit, on Looks like it does not exists. So where can I download it from? Or how can I work around this?