Webinar: Governance: A Roundtable on Governing Access to Applications and Data | October 12th | 2:00 PM EST


Combining Identity Governance - with Data Access Governance- lets the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

Many organizations don't know the extent of the sprawl of their high-value information in unstructured data (files, spreadsheets, videos, etc.). If your organization doesn't actively govern access to systems and data, you’re inviting breaches that will cost money, harm reputations, or both.

Getting “Governance” done right is important from two key perspectives:

When the wrong people have access to high-value data, your organization is at risk for data breaches and non-compliance.
When the right people don't have access to the data they need, the organization is operating at less than efficient levels. This leads people to go out-of-band to share data, and now we're back to putting your organization at risk.
Attend our roundtable discussion to hear experts from TriVir and CyberRes (a Micro Focus line of business) explain how to improve your risk management with Identity Governance and Data Access Governance.

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