CG6.2 or CG6.2.1 offline PatchCD has conflict message.

CG version : 5.1 (SLES12 SP3)

1. My CG server on isolated env., and it only could use offline Patch to update.

2. I use CG6.0 appliance configuration utility 6000 to migrate DB , then use CG6.0 +SLES12SP5 offline Patch to update , it work fine.

3. after update offline patch , I check CG version and SLES version...Yes it show correct version (CG6.0 and SLES12 SP5)

4. then I use another Patch (CG6.1 +SLES12SP5) to update this Server, it update fine.

but at this point , I find that not matter to use CG6.2 PatchCD or CG 6.2.1 PatchCD to update..., both PatchCD show similar Conflict Message like below

I have testing much times by using VMware snapshot....indeed this message only occur on CG 6.2 or CG6.2.1 PatchCD....

Who has similar experience , and could provide suggestion to me ??