DRA 10.1 Server Throwing Error: Administration server cannot identify your user account

We have installed NetIQ DRA 10.1.0 Patch 3 on Windows 2016 with March 2022 Monthly updates applied but we cannot logon to the console with any account other than the DRA service account. If we do we get this message

  • The localhost Administration server cannot identify your user account. Try connecting to a different Administration server. If you continue to experience this issues, contact your Administrator to synchronize the Administration servers and refresh  the accounts cache

This looks very similar to this KB but we have Patch 3 applied. When we had this on DRA 9 our only solution was to remove the February patches from Microsoft but we need to avoid this as it’s not a working solution going forward.

  • Suggested Answer

    So this was due to me no having added a managed domain at this stage. When I dug in deeper only the service a account I had specified could logon which was odd to me as the installer asks you specify a DRA admin account in the domain of the server you are installing during the initial setup which I had done. Anyways, all working one I added a managed domain.