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Allow Specification of Attributes to Cache to Improve Rest API Search Performance

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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Using DRA 9.2 and the Find-DRAObjects cmdlet to create reports on DRA Objects. I have ~ 3000 users in ADDS. I find performance horrible depending on the attributes I select. Here's an example. Note: I searching a single domain with 3000 users and including all child containers with Objects per response set to 10000:

  • Find-DRAObject with attributes 'Name' returns in 2 seconds
  • Find-DRAObject with attributes 'Name' and 'MailNickname' returns in 25 seconds

So why the huge jump in search time? Is it the mailNickName attribute is not cached in NetIQ DRA? if not can we change this and add to the cache? Adding more attributes exacerbates this issue. 

We need to be able to expand on the default attributes cached in the MongoDB. Its too few.