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Extend Temporary Group Assignments capability to support Azure AD

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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With DRA 10 supporting Azure AD users and groups, Temporary Group Assignments capability can be extended to handle Azure AD identities

This is a great feature to provide time-based privileges to the user to resources/applications and if this capability is extended to support Azure AD identities, it can have a different dimension to use both On-prem and Azure resources/applications

Possible use case:

Adam a contract employee joins an organization. He is provisioned in Azure AD for various application access as part of being a product team.

He also requires Office 365 application access only for a month in his tenure. Instead of giving him privilege access to Adam for his entire tenure, he can be added to a group (that has access to O365 applications) on a temporary basis whenever he is needing it automatically and de-provision him. This way, the license/subscriptions can be better managed


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