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Read Only access to view Web Console Configuration

Status : Needs Clarification

This idea needs to be discussed further to understand the use case and what configuration needs to be provided for view access only.

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At the moment you need to be an admin of a certain level to view the Web Console Configuration and there is no way to give someone view (read) only access.


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Web Client
  • Similar to how you can create an Audit account in the Delegation and Configuration so that Audit account can view all settings and configuration such as Active Views and more, the Audit account will only have read access to these settings but won't be able to make any changes. This is useful in the case of  having a consultant or auditor onsite and providing DRA access to them so that they can view various settings but make no changes. The same read only access to the Web Console would also be beneficial so that an auditor or consultant can view all the Web Console customisation settings but  only in a  read-only mode.